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The data center, which houses BV-BRC resources, will undergo complete cooling water shutdown and partial power outage next week to carry out cooling water upgrade needed to support the upcoming supercomputer, Aurora. As a result, starting from 8:00am CT on Friday, May 05 to 8:00am CT on Monday, May 15, the BV-BRC website will be available with reduced functionality. During this time, users will be able to search and browse all the public data and private genomes. However, users will not be able to access private workspace or submit new analysis jobs. We are sorry for the inconvenience. - The BV-BRC Team


University of Chicago Logo

University of Chicago / Argonne National Laboratory / FIG

  • Rick Stevens, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Thomas Brettin
  • James Davis
  • Emily Dietrich
  • Marcus Nguyen
  • Robert Olson
  • Ross Overbeek
  • Bruce Parrello
  • Gordon Pusch
  • Maulik Shukla
  • Margo VanOeffelen
  • Veronika Vonstein
J. Craig Venter Institute Logo

J. Craig Venter Institute

  • Richard H. Scheuermann, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Brian Aevermann
  • Mehmet Kuscuoglu
  • Jian Lu
  • Anna Niewiadomska
  • Indresh Singh
  • Lucy Stewart
  • Gene Tan
  • Zachary Wallace
  • Christian Zmasek
University of Virginia Logo

Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative at University of Virginia

  • Clark Cucinell
  • Allan Dickerman
  • Ron Kenyon
  • Chunhong Mao
  • Dustin Machi
  • Jacob Porter
  • Andrew Warren
  • Rebecca Wattam