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The data center, which houses BV-BRC resources, will undergo complete cooling water shutdown and partial power outage next week to carry out cooling water upgrade needed to support the upcoming supercomputer, Aurora. As a result, starting from 8:00am CT on Friday, May 05 to 8:00am CT on Monday, May 15, the BV-BRC website will be available with reduced functionality. During this time, users will be able to search and browse all the public data and private genomes. However, users will not be able to access private workspace or submit new analysis jobs. We are sorry for the inconvenience. - The BV-BRC Team

Privacy Policy

The BV-BRC Center is provided as a public resource for the research community. This Privacy Policy describes the ways BV-BRC collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects the personal information about users and how they use BV-BRC. BV-BRC never collects information for commercial marketing or any purpose unrelated to BV-BRC functions.

Information BV-BRC collects

Many functions of BV-BRC, such as data browsing, may be used without a BV-BRC User Account. BV-BRC uses Google Analytics to accumulate this type of web traffic information in order to measure and report overall usage of the website portion of the resource. More information can be found in Google Analytics data practices.

If you choose to have a BV-BRC User Account, you are asked to provide your name and an email address so that we may contact you if needed, for instance, if there is a problem with your account. This information is stored in your private personal profile. You are also required to provide a Username, which is used for logging in and appears along with data that you choose to share. BV-BRC Usernames are not treated as personal information and it is recommended that you not include personal information in your Username.

User-provided personal information and data

You may at your discretion also provide in your personal profile further biographical information including your organization, organisms of interest, and other research interests. This information may be used in aggregate to understand the BV-BRC userbase in order to improve the resource.

BV-BRC does not track information in your personal research data. Access to this information is strictly under your control to share or make public. If you are having problems with your data in the private workspace or in using BV-BRC services and you request our help, we may access your workspace and data files to troubleshoot and help resolve the problem for you

Once you share data or workspaces with others BV-BRC users or make it public, be aware that other users will be able to access the data. You can turn off the sharing at a later time if you desire.

User behavioral profile

When you use BV-BRC services that require login (such as Genome Annotation), usage information is automatically recorded by your Username including what services you used, time of submission, service input parameters, and input/output file locations.

How information collected by BV-BRC is used

Private personal information such as email address is only accessible to BV-BRC staff and will only be used individually in the event we need to contact you. If you choose to provide that information to BV-BRC independently (for example when emailing to request help), again it will only be used by BV-BRC staff for the purpose of responding. BV-BRC will produce project reports that include aggregate information such as the number of help requests, statistics on the topics of requests and resolutions. Additionally, the ways users interact with the system are analyzed when errors occur and in aggregate for analysis of BV-BRC operation and improvement.

Aggregated usage information based on user behavior is used by BV-BRC to produce overall statistics such as to show users which services are most popular. Usage information is also used by BV-BRC for internal purposes such as to manage and improve capabilities and services, the website and related features and content, and to enable users to easily and productively navigate the website and utilize BV-BRC capabilities for research benefit.

Information BV-BRC discloses

BV-BRC is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of users’ personal private information and data. Usage information is used in aggregate for reporting to our funding agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the purpose of evaluating the performance of the overall project. Aggregate usage information is also used in presentations and reported publicly through the Performance and Usage Metrics, available from the About BV-BRC page on the BV-BRC website. No individually identifiable information is reported or disclosed.

How information BV-BRC collects is protected

BV-BRC restricts access to nonpublic, personal information to those staff and service providers involved in administering and servicing user accounts. Physical, electronic and procedural safeguards are in place that comply with Federal standards to protect such information.

Changes to this policy

This BV-BRC Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Your rights under this policy will not be reduced without your explicit consent. Changes will be posted on this page, and if significant, will be provided more prominently via email or notification when you sign in.

Users may at any time review, update, correct or delete the personal information in their profiles by signing in to their BV-BRC account and using the edit or remove functions available from their personal profile page.

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